Digital Marketing

If you’re not a Digital Advertiser, this image may be the reason you despise Digital Marketing.. How will you ever catch up?

The reality is, this graphic doesn’t even begin to illustrate how or where to reach people online.

So, how will you ever get ahead? The answer is very simple – work with the right people to eliminate the noise and understand what is important to your customers. It can be hard to do! But seriously, unless you have bottomless pockets to spend online, you have to participate in fewer places in order to create an impact. As the saying goes “Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?” My hope is you know by now, that most people will never see the small fish in the big pond, and that fish is more likely to be eaten. So, how do we do it?

Understand where your customers are spending time online.

This can change monthly, seasonally, and annually as interests and platforms evolve, it’s also dependent on the products/services you are selling. SWOT Consulting has a pulse on the Internet and can quickly help you figure this out. For instance:

  • Using a Search Engine is how people find things online – What is the number 1 search engine used in your area and how are you using it?
  • There are two websites online where people spend most of their online time – How is your business leveraging these websites to connect with your customers?
  • What kind of content do your customers consume online? Are they skiers? If so, what do skiers look at, where do they shop, what kind of content are they consuming? You may not know these answers but, the answers are out there and we can help you uncover them.

With these 3 questions answered, I’ve begun to already assembly your go-to-market strategy.

Your strategy includes using the following Digital Marketing products to reach the core audience of your business: Search Engine Marketing, Online Directories, Vertical Search, Social Media, Display Advertising, Re-targeting, and Geo-Targeting. Now, let me ask that question again, what was your budget? The chances are, that budget is well spent with plenty of room to grow into. Sure, you can get on SnapChat but, how is your Facebook and Instagram game? How frequently are you posting and what does your engagement look like? Who is engaging with your content? Does it make sense to create more work to reach a much smaller audience and, will your Facebook & Instagram audiences suffer as you learn and cater to this new channel?

Just like owning a business, one person cannot do it all. At the end of the day, Mike & SWOT Consulting make digital advertising easy to understand, and easy to tackle. With a bit of help, your only limitation becomes your budget, and the biggest opportunity will be content creation – do you have someone on your team that is ready to learn? Feeling like it’s time for help? Contact Us today!

In Advertising, Content is King!