Social Media

CONTENT! content! CONTENT! content! CONTENT! content!
Social Media is about content, and content cannot be outsourced!

Social Media is tough marketing! It can be free, but it takes time. You can spend money but, does it matter? Is there any value to it at all? Are we on target or off in left field? The single hardest thing for a business to do, is to understand what motivates and excites their customer, and to leverage those insights to create marketable content. You can cut to the chase on this by creating your own reports so you can track what kinds of content, trigger the best response rates. The better your response rates, the more “free” social advertising can become! When your audience genuinely likes, comments, and shares your content – your message will spread like wild fire.

The strategy of Social Media is tough to define as it really differs from one (business, product, region, etc) to another. That said, if you call us today, we can simply look through your history to see where “lightening strikes.”  It may sound cliche but yea, the reason we have Instagram Influencers and YouTube Stars making tens of thousands of dollars each month is because they have found a way to harness and use their lightening. Simply “checking the box” that “you posted today” isn’t good enough. That is the difference between 3 likes and 300 likes.

When you sign on with SWOT for Social Media Consulting assistance this is what you can expect:

  • An analysis of your current digital properties and synopsis of what is, and isn’t working.
  • Staff interviews to learn more about customers and customer motivations.
  • A detailed content plan will be drafted and then tested, adjusted, tested, and adjusted until your “Social Guru” understands the cycle and how to do this – it is what will empower them to take ownership after our training is done.
  • We’re going to look at the strategies and tactics behind growing your followers.

The single biggest challenge to having a great Social Media plan is that the business must be committed to producing content, on a regular basis. The more people involved, the better. And yes, that means asking about Social Media in your interviews.. If you are a brewery that sells beer – posting pictures of people enjoying beer isn’t enough anymore. Your followers want to connect with your brand on a deeper level. They want to understand the motivations of the brewmaster, to get behind the scenes and see how much love is poured into a new flavor. If that is you – hiring a company to manage social media on behalf of your business will not work! Your brewmaster needs to understand and support the goal and at the very least, produce and share content with someone that can post it. The same would go for this businesses social involvement, distribution, and consumer feedback. We’ll help you pull it together, and make it easy again. Consider SWOT Social Media Consulting to help improve your social media strategy!