Websites in Burlington VT

SWOT Websites provides the army you don’t need to hire. Readily available on short notice, armed with years of entrepreneurial business experience, and focused on leveraging your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats we’ll help your business stand out. Operated by Mike Hecht and supported by a network of industry professionals we first act by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, your industry, your market, and goals. With this information we create compelling content and imagery that connects your core audience to your brand. Most website companies simply put your words and images onto a screen, sure we can do that too but, don’t you expect a bit more for your dollar? With SWOT Websites you are hiring an “on call” team member that’s ready to take your business to the next level.

Beautiful and functional websites to meet your personal and/or business needs. Mike Hecht has been working in the Digital Marketing field since 2007 and in that time has worked closely with some of the worlds largest brands to craft regional and national website programs. Mike’s experience and attention to detail helps businesses act quickly and professionally to relaunch, or rebrand, their online image. From website layout to the website photography, we want you to be happy with your new website.

Scaleable solutions ready to be managed by your team. Taking a different approach to website management, Mike loves the initial build of a website; to ensure your long term success, his goal is to train your business to manage their own website. Mike will train a member of your team on “all things website” so that they can make future edits and improvements. You can always call with a question or for help but, isn’t it nice to get the help you need when you need it the most without committing to adding another head to your bottom line?

You’re going to need a bit more than a website though.. Just because the website is live, doesn’t mean it can be found online, or that the work is done. Getting your website to the front page of Google Search is going to take some work! We’ll help install a foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website and show you the key elements which need to be preserved. These elements will include – rich text that interlinks your pages, custom meta and title data, submission to Google & Bing crawlers, and we will coach you on the “social properties” that you’ll want to keep up to date like your Google Business Directory listing. From there, we recommend a regular and sustained dialogue of content to promote via social media marketing and other outlets. Should you subscribe to our Google Analytics training, we’ll ensure all your online activity tracks back to your website so you know where your time is well spent and which traffic sources are most valuable. Lastly but most importantly, now that we’ve discussed the “free advertising” that can be done by you or a team member, you may find that Digital Advertising will bring the swell of visitors you need, to your site. This can be very confusing, and since 2007 we’ve been working to make understanding Digital Advertising easier to comprehend.

At the end of the day your Website is more than just an address and pictures on the internet. More and more potential customers get to know you through your online business than will ever call or visit with a question. If your business isn’t fully & well represented online, then we need to speak. With a couple of friends along the way to help you out, having your business well represented online can be much easier. The SWOT team is there to help along the way!