It’s been Mike’s lifelong dream is to become an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. It’s no easy task getting there, and everyone says it’s not all it’s cracked up to be however, that doesn’t deter Mike. See, Mike isn’t in it for the money or the fame (though the money helps), his goal is to generate an income that allows his family to live happily so that he can focus his extra time giving back to the community through volunteerism, and by supporting charities we believe in. 

     Each time you do business with one of Mike’s companies, you are engaging our local community here in Burlington, VT through a variety of means. Our families shop local and support local businesses, so that they too may thrive. We attend Farmers Markets so that they too may earn a higher margin, an investment that again, stays local. We donate and support charities of our own choosing, and those that friends recommend to us. Every dollar you spend doesn’t need to fuel some billionaires jet-set lifestyle; when you spend local with us – it’s our goal to keep it local.

Provides builds websites for businesses.

MHfoto provides Portrait Photography from the comfort of your space.