Location Photography

Great photos of your business are invaluable assets to have. They provide something to use when creating social media posts, they help advertisers get their jobs done quickly, and they help attract the customers you need. As a business owner, and having worked a long time in Marketing, Mike will be able to set up and take the photos you need, quickly and easily. From here, Mike is going to focus a lot on the “Google My Business Listing” photos. The reality is, that the photos used in this listing will be great for just about everything but, this listing is crucial to the online success of your business as it offers the greatest impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Take a moment, right now, and Google your business. 

See the “Google Business Listing” over on the right hand side? If you don’t, use the form below to let me know and we’ll get that fixed first. Click “see photos.” Believe it or not, when consumers are searching online, this listing and the photos within it play a huge role in whether or not that shopper will visit your website! According to Google, businesses with photos will receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps, and 35% more website click-throughs to their websites than businesses without photos. Whether you need photos, or you need a bit more help developing your Google Business Listing, the good news is that Mike is great at both tasks and will be happy to edit your listing and bring it up to date on your behalf.


Contact Mike today if you need help managing your Google Business Listing. With 90% of the world using Google as their preferred Search Engine, you need to know that you are fully optimized to appear for their searches, and to convert your impressions into website sessions.

Tips for a successful business listing online

  • Authenticity – You want good professional photos but not too professional or over the top. Photos that are too clean give the appearance of being “over marketed” and you want to appeal on a more personal level to your shopper.
  • Interesting and Engaging photos with good lighting, angles, and well thought out shots help convert shoppers into website users.
  • Variety – Include photos of the inside, outside, products or services, employees, and team at work.
  • Consistency – Googles algorithm rewards businesses that continually update their website and business listings. Adding photos over time, will yield dividends.
  • Optimized Image Info – Helps Google identify what the image is and allows the image to help bolster your Search Engine Results. Images taken for listings will be optimized when delivered or loaded on your behalf.
  • Review Public Images – If you didn’t know that people could add photos to your business listing, now you do. You wouldn’t want a dumpster fire to show up where you are trying to attract business so, make sure to monitor your photos.
  • Avoid Irrelevant Photos – Of old products, services, etc. Not only does managing this help keep your listing fresh, it also helps create good expectations for your customers.
  • Continuously manage your reviews.
  • Track your conversions with Google Analytics and phone tracking

What are your needs?