Product Photography

Quality product photography sells, there is no doubt about it. A poorly lit necklace may appear dull, and homemade however, a well lit photo of the same necklace can evoke a connection between the product and buyer, that sells. Moreover, these days people simply do not read! As the saying goes, a photo speaks 1,000 words and your photography needs to speak for all 5 of your senses. If you are in need of product photos for your business, Mike will be happy to provide a demonstration of his work, on your products. From there, it will become our goal to showcase your products to their fullest potential.

How to set up a good product photo shoot

  • Location – Generally done best at the business. We will bring the lighting and backdrops necessary for the shoot.
  • Energy – Select a photographer that is as excited about your products as you are.
  • Space – For small products a space of 5’x5′ is sufficient. For larger products we can accommodate up to 20’x10′ or 10’x20′ objects.
  • Lighting – All necessary lighting will be brought by the photographer.
  • Let’s talk, we’ll plan it all out and then meet for the shoot!

Let’s start planning!