Real Estate Photography

Let’s talk Real-Estate and Photography really quick. In fact, Mike will likely loop in other products and services he provides here to illustrate the overall importance of Real-Estate Photos. Let’s for a moment assume that the average agency makes 3% on each home sale – that means, they make $3,000 for every $100,000 in sales. Now, the agent, the realtor, the lights, the building, insurance, websites, all of it does need to get paid for so at the end of the day that money goes quick. That means, spending those dollars wisely becomes everything.

When you have a home to sell, what is the fastest, easiest, most inexpensive way to get people to “see” this home? In a publication that gets printed and dropped off at the grocery store? Maybe the newspaper? Nope, it’s the internet.. Now-a-days every realtor is getting homes to market faster and easier with the internet and Social Media. That doesn’t mean that Social Media is solving the problems, the reality is it pains us to watch realtors fumble about Facebook and Instagram. Ironically, correcting and adjusting the course of action for a Realtor is actually rather easy. Just like any other business it comes down to hiring the correct resources. We can’t give you the secret recipe here but, if you want to take your agencies game to the next level, then we need to be talking.

How SWOT Consulting & Mike will help your real-estate biz

  • We will discuss the strategies and tactics currently at play and where you see the Pros and Cons to be.
  • Your online activity will be analyzed and quantified.
  • Mike will begin following you and your agents, watching how they work the market.
  • We will return to you with a very simple, and straight forward strategy that will help your internet guru reach new heights.
  • Mike will begin taking photos, and video of your properties.
  • Mike will also begin working with your agents to write the social media content for each listing.

What can you expect from this effort?

  • If you expect overnight results, then you must have a large ad fund or a ton of followers. That isn’t how the internet works but, over time results will improve.
  • You’ll begin getting more followers.
  • Engagement will increase as a result of this activity.
  • Slowly but surely, you will begin to see more “activity” generated by your social media presence. Phone calls, showings, listings, and sales will increase and other agents will begin to copy you.

Let’s get to work: