Maternity Newborn Photography

Like the pregnancy itself, Maternity Photography can be a very intimate adventure. It is Mike’s goal to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process and the biggest piece to that is to reduce the element of surprise, and to be comfortable in your surroundings. Comfort levels are different for everyone so, we’ll discuss this as a part of the planning process. Once we begin working together Mike will take a more active “directors” role to ensure positioning, lighting, and everything is working together so that we can take the best photos for you. This is your chance to be the model. It’s kinda scary at first, but it is so much fun! And the more fun we have taking these photos, the more radiant you’ll look in the final pictures.

How to plan a good Maternity or Newborn photo shoot?

  • Age – Kids are wiggly and newborns can be fussy. Newborn photos are best taken during their first 15 days not only to capture that newborn look but also because they are still relatively sleepy.
  • Distractions – If a sleeping baby is what we hope to capture, limiting other distractions is helpful.
  • Location – Choose a location that fits your family image. Often times home is a good place for these shoots. Mike has backgrounds that can be useful but props should should be provided by the parents.
  • Energy – Select a photographer that is as excited about this as you are.
  • Clothing – Clothing should come from your closet (I don’t provide these props). If using black & white photos, it’s good to have a couple options of all white, and all black attire to provide contrast against your skin & background. Your level of attire is completely up to you.
  • Research – Do you know what kind of photo you want?
    • Consider how these photos will be used. You may want a variety of different photos taken for family, your home, and as a private memory.
    • Some people have no clue what they want but, they want to capture the moment, and that is ok! It’s important to have that conversation so we can work on finding the right set up for you.
    • Some folks know exactly what they want! They may want dramatic high contract black and white photos, or to illustrate body development, and baby growth over time.
    • There are so many options that I often suggest performing image searches on Google or Instagram to find styles of photos that you like. Save them! We can replicate or create similar photos, for you!
  • Let’s talk, we’ll plan it all out and then meet for the shoot!

Let’s start planning!