Save the Date Photography

Save the dates are often your first, official touch point you will have with your guests as you begin to plan your wedding. This notice, more than your actual wedding invitation, should depict the love and bond that you two share for each other. Mike enjoys helping couples find the right spot for their Save the Date photos and, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive more photos than you pay for!

How to plan a save the date photo shoot

  • Location – Choose a location that fits your relationship
  • Energy – Select a photographer that is as excited about this location as you are
  • Props – Many folks like to have their dog, a favorite vehicle, their new home, or a range of other props in their save the date photos. Think about what you might want, if anything at all. Here in Vermont, often our surroundings can be enough!
  • Clothing – Your save the date should be a semi-formal occasion that said, what you wear is up to you! We want clothing to pair with your personality, and environment we choose for this photo. If you need ideas, just ask!
  • Research – Do you know what kind of photo you want?
    • Some people have no clue what they want but, they need a save the date photo and they need it asap, and that is OK! It’s important to have that conversation so we can work on finding a great spot that will meet your needs.
    • Some folks know exactly what they want for their save the date photo. They want the barn with the foliage in the background, sweaters, leaves flying etc. Or maybe you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram and found photos that you really like? Save them and we can work to replicate them!
  • Let’s talk, we’ll plan it all out and then meet for the shoot!

Let’s start planning!