Special Occasions Photography

What are “Special Occasions?” Let’s be honest with ourselves, every moment is a special occasion – you just have to see it that way! It could be a small party or anniversary worth capturing. Maybe it is something more intimate like surprising your significant other with a boudoir or pin up style photo set.

Whatever your special occasion may be, we’ll plan ahead

  • Location – Choose a location that fits decor & energy of your desired photo.
  • Energy – Select a photographer that is as excited about these photos as you are.
  • Kids & Partners – May or may not be an important part of your photo shoot. My suggestion is to keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Clothing – Think about what you want the final image to look like and we’ll discuss colors and textures as we plan your shoot.
  • Research – Do you know what kind of photo you want?
    • One of my favorite ways to get inspiration is to perform a Google or Instagram Search to find similar photos or a style that I like –  then work to replicate it or produce a similar style.
  • Let’s talk, we’ll plan it all out and then meet for the shoot!

Let’s start planning!