Off-Road Communication

Out on the trail you will find two groups of people – Those that are having a lot of fun, and those that are not. Generally speaking, the lack of fun is communication based. It could be a difference of opinion, someone not listening, someone yelling, or 101 other reasons but, at the end of the day, we all just want to have fun. The more fun you have, the more fun everyone will have. These tips will help you enjoy your day on the trail.

Pick a Driver, and Pick a Passenger

Constantly switching back and forth provides confusion for everyone on the trail and reduces the learning experience for the less knowledgeable person. The driver that starts the day should end the day, and throughout the day you operate as a team, depending on your collective knowledge and vehicle to make it home today.

Manage Expectations Appropriately

Let’s be honest, when Mike leave’s home in his Jeep he has no clue what that day will bring. Get honest with yourself and others. You don’t know when you will be home – will you get a flat that you are prepared to change? Mike’s had 8 plugs in a sidewall for 50 road miles. Will you accidentally push a stick through your radiator? Then what will you do? Maybe you’ll accidentally shift the body on the frame, snap your 4×4 linkage, get all your lockers stuck on, and pull your fuel line out from under the vehicle? ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO MIKE. The one saving grace – his wife knew that morning that she had no control how the day would go, when she would be home, or what to expect. She brought changes of clothes, and plenty of food and water. We made it through, and out of the woods, with a little help from our friends. And we made great friends that day too! But, if she thought it would be a relaxing day on an easy trail, home by 2:30, Mike’s name would have been Mud! The truth is, you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know when you’ll be home, but you’ll check in and hope to be home by dark – sorry honey, it’s my best guess! The second you think you know, is the moment something will come up for you to learn.

Be Prepared with a Working & GMRS Radio

When you are part of the group, it’s a lot of fun! But, the arguments will begin when you get disconnected from group communication. Your radio provides info about what is coming up, what the hold up is, and much more valuable information and humor. Of course, a group that uses their radios is always great so, don’t forget to share info with the group while you are out there! Sometimes the info you share, will be of great value to others.. There is nothing worse than sitting half way back in the group and wondering “I wish I knew what was going on up there.”

  • We suggest using GMRS Radios
  • Need help tuning your CB? FireStik CB Antenna’s are not only the best Off-Road CB Antenna’s but they also provide the most detailed and comprehensive CB FAQ and Troubleshooting info online –

Know your hand signals

When communication over engines, people talking, and through glass – hearing can be difficult. When you are on the same page with hand signals, it makes the day much more enjoyable.