Off-Road Resources

First and foremost, you need to know-

The State of Vermont has been actively working to shut down access to all Class 4 and Ancient roads since 2015. The towns of Vermont say they don’t have the funding to maintain them, and the State says the roads are the responsibility of the towns. This means, when groups go out and make a mess of a trail, litter, and piss off land owners – the chances are that trail will get shut down sooner than later. It is incumbent on you, and Off-Road traveler, to act responsibility at all times and to know the rules (written and implied) for how to deal with disgruntled people should they approach you. It is your responsibility to represent all Off-Road travelers, for better or worse. Please, just make us look good out there before this privilege is gone forever..

How to Find Off-Road Trails

If you read the first paragraph on this page, you should now know why no one will simply tell you. It’s become a trust issue and first you need to become trustworthy.

Great Off-Road Groups to Join in Vermont

  • Vermont Jeep Association
    • Meets in Morrisville, VT on the 3rd Friday of the Month, Feb-Oct
  • Killington Jeep Jamboree
    • Registration happens in December, trip sells out in 10m or less
  • Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs
    • A regional group that supports legislative action to protect our interests. All good 4WD clubs will be a member of the NEA.

Places to Wheel Around Vermont

  • Join a group and make friends – There is no better land than private land and that is where you’ll find your best trails!
  • Field and Forest
    • Trails here are not for the faint of heart. Come prepared, consider trailering.
  • Jericho Mountain Off-Road Park – website address not found
  • Mettowee Off-Road Park
    • Located in Whitehall NY

Places to Wheel Near Vermont

Off-Road Vehicle Repair

  • Performance Unlimited –
    • Located behind the Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater Corners, VT the wait can be long to get an appointment but, that’s because they are the premier off-road builders in VT.
  • The 4×4 Center –
    • Located in Essex Jct, VT they can perform the diagnostic tests and repairs you’ll need to get back on the trail.

Off-Road Parts & Supplies