Personal Finance

Personal Financial advice comes from Mike Hecht, who is no longer licensed or practicing Financial Planning however, the simple tools he will show you may change your life. Regardless of your income or financial position, the strategies and tactics of financial planning are centered around the concept of balance – you have to have more coming in than going out, and when an imbalance occurs, a plan must be put in place to regain the balance.

Personal and Family Budgeting is often the epicenter of a happy and unhappy household. Unfortunately we’ve likely “all been there once” when you parents, friends, or you are engaged with an argument about money. Having a financial plan does two things – it gives you something blame, and it gives you a conduit for success.

Debt Management is the second most important element aside from your Budget. With a budget, you can measure and weigh the debt commitments you wish to take on to ensure they will not compromise your financial future. While banks aren’t necessarily handing out money, it is too easy to corner yourself living paycheck to paycheck. With Debt Management you’ll find out how to break that cycle, and save towards a better financial future.

Unfortunately for many, the requirement to incur a debt (such as a car purchase) can often come at the expense to our Credit Rating. By understanding how your credit is determined, a good family budget, and an understanding of Debt Management, we can work towards Credit Improvement. Many companies say they can do it quickly for you and it comes at a price. Mike will show you the mechanics of your credit are easy to understand, that all the controls for making it better are available to you, and that paying someone to perform credit repair services, might be money better saved.