Money matters are one of the largest leading causes for domestic fights. While Mike has never had this issue, he has always had a process to blame, and a process to improve. Would you believe that one simple change can draw two people closer together, rather than push them apart? The key, is having a Personal Budget!

So how do you create a personal budget? Call Mike! But before you do, this is what you need to prepare:

  • List your income sources – how much income per month? Is it consistent or does it vary? If it varies, what is the lowest number?
  • List your fixed monthly expenses – your creditors, your rent, your food, Amazon, every single thing you spend money on, list it! This is really the hardest part, you must account for all cash, debit, and credit purchases. I’ll also ask you to attribute to each expense one of these parameters – “Want” or “Need.”
Personal Budget Needs vs Wants

With this information, Mike will help create budgets with you and share banking strategies that (if in a relationship) will help you divide and conquer. If you’re single it still works the same. If you’ve never done it before, understanding your Wants vs Needs is a very personal and inner process. I cannot help you do that.. Your need may be my want, and my want may be your need. Every household and person operates differently but, this exercise will help you develop, understand, and support your new budget.

Together we will discuss the strategies and tactics that will help you the most. By the end of our session, you should feel as if you have a grasp on your life and that you have ownership of the next steps for improving your current financial state. If you need this, it is easier to start sooner than later, don’t delay and contact Mike today.